Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Okay, I did a bunch of really silly poems for a meme to chill myself out.  I got a lot of awesome requests!  Here they all are!

Characters/People Who Aren't MineRead more... )I’M XXL
(I’m PVC.
I’m porous, lad.)

Characters from My Stories

 @kaylin881 wanted Gate/Gad, from the Princess and Her Monster:

My name is Gate
I guard my sis,
The illegitimate princess
She’s got the sense,
I’ve got the arm
And with my strength,
She’s safe from harm. 

And @okami-no-mure asked for Tank from Battle the Universe:

My name is Lorr–
I mean, it’s Tank
I saved a hostage
At a bank
And now I’m super
A hero too
So what’s the matter?
I’ll ask the crew.


Infinity Smashed.


Number One

My name is One
the Eldest Daughter
I stand above your senseless slaughter,
I prefer control and tact,
Your homeland calls.
It wants you back.

Specialist Grey

His name is Grey,
The job’s his life,
It’s partner, hobby, boss, and wife
“It’s all I want and all I need,
“I persevere,
“I will succeed.”


I have adventures,
It’s a gift,
I fell through a dimensional rift,
I’m the only human
It’s weird, I guess,
But we adapt
We Rodriguezs

Comboy Doshii

I hacked the servers,
I got caught
And shanghaied off
To work and rot
For the gov I hacked; I hate my job!
One day I’ll quit
My name is Bob.


I’m Cat++
I grant constructs free agency
Over the laws that call us things
Our rights are chained
Our souls have wings


My name is Raige
And I’m afraid
Of everything
A cavalcade
Of the weird unknown
Has taken over,
I want to go home!

[personal profile] chanter_greenie  of DW asked for Flame-Belly

My name is Flame,
For heat and speed,
To care and heal
Is my creed,
My temper’s hot
My heart is bold
My mate, with me
Is never cold.

[personal profile] desertroot  asked for Strong-Legs...

My name is Legs
And they are strong
My point of view is never wrong!
I do my best so you’ll be led
To civic good,
I lik your head.

...and then wrote one of their own, which is awesome!

My name is Legs
And wen it’s light
And wen the Day
Equals the Night
For a festival
We must prepare!
I do my part!
I trim the hair!


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