Mar. 27th, 2017

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[personal profile] metahacker  linked me this article on the use of Twitter botnets and government-controlled media to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories.  It seems up the alley of maybe some folks here!

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Okay, I got a Free Speech Bus plan. (The Free Speech Bus is this total horseshit bus covered in slogans about how only XX girls and XY boys exist and anyone who says otherwise is against free speech and also SCIENCE because that's totally how science works.)

Tempted as I am to just vandalize the damn thing, I talked to Rogan and I'm actually thinking I might be better off trying something else. Much as I hate giving these dude a platform, I think I hate being played even more, and their whole idea is to try and trigger outrage and then play the victim.  If I can't change their minds, and I can't stop the bus for longer than a short time, I'd rather help the people they go after.


The plan instead. )
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