Mar. 26th, 2017

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The signing went really well!  I was really nervous, since I'd never done before, but I had a great time, made good money, and Tony (the guy who owns Million Year Picnic) wants me to do another when the weather warms up.  So yeah, on the whole, an awesome experience!

Mac is trying to persuade me to buy a gift to celebrate.  But that's hard.  I did let Mori and Biff buy me a ledger though; I took advantage of my day off (no drawing, inking, editing, or PDFing for me today, hooray!) and filled in the numbers.  I've been meaning to get a ledger for ages (until now, I've itemized my monthly income/outgo using some long list sticky notes [personal profile] silvercat17 gave me a while back) and this is a huge improvement.

...and conveniently, the ledger is the perfect size to clip the sticky notes to.  Thank you, ledger!

In other news, my other new book is now up for sale!  Say hello to Red, Yellow, Green!
Cover behind cut )
What does sexuality look like when you're multiple? With a life and vessel run by consensus, how does privacy and intimacy work? Rogan of LB takes on everything from kink and masturbation to shared dreams in this fun romp.

This book is forty-eight pages, 5.5x8.5, black and white, and is best for mature audiences. It's made up of text, illustrations, and comics.

The ebook listing is here.  The paper listing is here.
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