Feb. 23rd, 2017

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On Tuesday, Sneak discovered Peeps Oreos.  And of course, ze ate two of them, because pink + sparkles + LOTS of sugar = Sneakfood.

I think I'm STILL digesting those damn things.

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In my research so far, I’ve only seen one time when a cultiple got ousted with a minimum of time and bloodshed, and it still took a flame war.  It was the Usenet newsgroup alt.books.poppy-z-brite, and they drove off Draven (who at the time was Kurt Cobain and possibly the Crow) in April of 1999.

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Okay, so other folks have started using the ‘little tin cults’ tag, and a couple others have asked me about it, so here’s where the name comes from.

When we were in high school, we really liked a book called Pyramid Scheme, by Flint and Freer.  The plot and content of the book is irrelevant, but at one point, there’s a joke where a bunch of academics are called “little tin gods,” because they expect the military staff around them to understand their field and resulting importance.

I started using the phrase to refer to anyone who were considered big fish in a very small, rather piffling pond.  And well, cult leaders who run these fandom/plural cults are stellar examples of the type.  They very well may be the center of their followers’ universe, and have a vastly bloated sense of their own importance, but outside their tiny circles, they really are nothing.  I mean, Scientology and Sun Myung Moon have been heard of outside their circles; they have a place in pop culture.  But these little guys don’t even rank among THOSE malcontents.  Even by cult standards, they’re unimportant!

So little tin gods have little tin cults.
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Hey guys, I edited up our big ol' writing index so now there's a nice convenient list of our multi articles and little tin cult write-ups.  No longer will you have to dig back through various tags!
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