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Oct. 26th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks.

You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here.

Have a story you want me to write?  Toss your idea here!
Art commissions are currently open!

We also have some stories for sale. Do any catch your eye?

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the Paypal button on this page breaks constantly. If you're trying to use it and it fails, please let me know immediately so I can fix it again! Until I fix it, you can always use the button on our profile.
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Hey guys, I finally typed up my notes for my trans comics talk from November, and put up all the materials for it and my queer comics talk on Patreon for you guys to enjoy!  Now it's all in one place for y'all to download. (And it's public, so you don't need to worry about being a patron to get it.)
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Okay guys, so here's what's happening regarding my tech issues regarding Livejournal, my work computer, and also some panels I'll be doing at Arisia.

First, our work computer, Frank, is still borked, but we will hopefully have a fix coming up!  We'll be reinstalling our OS (again) and Frank's maker will be coming over to do so magic to it.  Hopefully this will solve the fan error message and horrible noise, and MAYBE it'll even make my livestreaming and scanner work again!  Yay!  That said, it might not.  Time will tell!

Since the story poll has a clear winner at the moment, I'm going to call it so I can post Raige at ROAR! part 2 early, thereby buying myself time should Frank... I don't know, explode or something. (That shouldn't happen, but let's be real, neither should half the stuff it's been doing lately.)

Second, I AM planning to shut down the LB-Lee Livejournal down in the somewhat near future.  The recent server move has opened up some security issues (you can read about that here) and considering the Paypal stuff and business I'm running there, it's time I just shut it down.  If you are not following us at lb-lee.dreamwidth.org, now is the time to update your links!  I'm not ready to make the move quite yet, because of a few below-the-hood stuff I need to do that aren't relevant to you guys.  But the LJ shut-down WILL happen.

Finally (and in more enjoyable news) we will be doing three panels at Arisia here in Boston this coming weekend!  Those panels are...

Saturday, January 14, 2:30 PM, in Marina 1: Disability in Speculative Fiction
Saturday, January 14, 5:30 PM, in Marina 2: Celebrating Women and Nonbinary People in Comics
Sunday, January 15, 11:30, in Marina 3: Over the Four Color Rainbow: Queer Comics

If you're coming, let me know!  We can hang out!

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It being the start of a new year, I’ve been doing some bookkeeping: tallying up income, checking patronage trends, stuff like that.

And just seeing how things have changed and improved over the past year... it’s really awe-inspiring.  It used to be, most of my patrons were singlet, but that’s changed; this year, about a third of you are. (And that’s just the Patreon numbers; it doesn’t include you fine folks who buy comics, ebooks, or commissions.) Just over a quarter are friends of mine, just under a quarter are locals who frequent the comics scene, and then there’s the handful of randos who found me through all sorts of random, mysterious ways. (Like fanfic.  No really, one of my best fans apparently found me through a fake news fanfic.  I love that.)

I remember for the longest time feeling that I would never be able to work as an artist.  My business skills, my art skills, my sanity, it never felt like it’d ever be enough.  And I know I might never be more than a small fish.  But just getting the opportunity to even do that... to have people who actually PAY me to do this work...

You guys are wonderful, and I’m honored to have you among my readers.  I hope to never take you for granted, because it’s you guys that help me continue.


Jan. 8th, 2017 01:02 pm
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You know, I've only been alive as a system member for two presidential elections: Bush/Gore and /.

My opinions of American democracy are pretty low.


EDIT: Also, Rogan's doing his usual monthly writing poll thing again.  Go vote there.
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We did it! Sent our pitch off to Stacked Deck Press! Wish us luck!

We're going to go sleep now.

--Rogan and Mori
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HEADS UP: Due to LJ moving their servers to Russia, and refusing to use secure connections, we will probably be moving entirely to Dreamwidth relatively soon.  We will keep you guys notified, but yeah, if those of you on LJ only haven't ported over to Dreamwidth, now might be a good time.  Feel free to follow us; our handle is the same on both sites.

So, because New Year's is way cooler a holiday to me these days than Christmas, here's the past year in review.

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Did some much needed shop housekeeping.

Asides from the MPD for You and Me sale, added Murderer and the complete AllFam series to Etsy. Updated the ebook Megapack, so it’s now up-to-date.
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Hey guys, it's a new year which means SALE!

For the next couple weeks, I'll be selling MPD for You and Me at half-price for the next couple weeks; I plan to take it out of print and want to sell my run. It was our first comic, covering the old DSM-III-R diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, and I guarantee it is WAY more entertaining than its source material! Nab a copy from me before they're gone!

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The Defenders of Treehouse
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 3200
Summary: With Strong-Legs, Thomas decides to face his fears regarding the infamous carnivorous trees of Treehouse.
Notes: This story was prompted by [personal profile] ljlee and sponsored by the Patreon crew!  Happy New Year, you guys!  Also, you would be well served to read Through the World-Hole before taking on this one.  This is one of the later Thomas stories; it takes place less than a month before meeting Raige and M.D.

By the age of fourteen, Thomas could’ve sworn that he knew the woods behind his house like the back of his hand. His family had lived next to it for ages, and he’d spent years tromping around, exploring caves, avoiding coral snakes, and learning the plants and rocks. Between that and a good sense of direction, he’d been about positive that he could navigate the place blind.

So he was disturbed to realize he had no idea where he was.

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Okay guys, I've got more bad tech news.  It's just as well I canceled the livestream, because as of today, my computer is no longer working.  I've had to bust BSOD out of retirement (my '05 laptop, who was my workhorse until last year).

The good news is, my new comp was just functional enough that I was able to back up most of my files since the last back-up.  It just took a very, very long time. (Since my computer could only move at 40 kb/sec, and I had print-size images to move.) As far as I know, nothing of significance has been lost.  Even better, since I very recently had to do an OS reinstall, I have most of my programs on a USB for ready reinstall, so whatever happens, it won't be TOO big an ass to get things fixed.  So as far as computer deaths go, that was a pain in the ass, but not a disaster.

Wait.  Dammit.  I just remembered that I forgot to back-up one of the stories I owe y'all this month.  Well, at least I have the other one.  Regardless, that's survivable.  Could've been much worse.

Now for the less rosy news.  BSOD is my staunch companion and workhorse, but it is also very old.  I should be able to continue trucking on writing-wise without too much trouble, but art is a bigger problem.  While I DO have my MangaStudio installer, I have NO idea if it'll run on this comp.  I do have my working version of GIMP, but I know from experience that it tends to lag pretty bad if I'm working at print size images. (Which I pretty much always do.) Plus, drawing in GIMP is just not good for my shoulder.

So there very well may be delays this month in the stories I owe you guys, and my web presence may be a bit sporadic, since a lot of sites--TUMBLR--are bloated and resource-heavy and BSOD struggles to load them.  It's already having trouble just booting the Patreon page.

Thank you for bearing with me.  Sorry, guys.
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I found a comic in the free library with the best title: Integration is a Bitch!

Of course I got it.

(It’s not about multiplicity at all, by the way.  It’s a gag/educational comic from 1969 about being a black white-collar worker.  It’s been posted in its entirety on tumblr here, though I DO recommend hitting the archive and reading in chronological order.  It's quite good!)

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You know, guys, you act like Loony-Brain is the worst system name ever, but it could've been WAY worse.  Had I been around when we were getting named, I would've worked my ass off to get us named the Shit-House Rats.

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Hey all.  Well, I’ve finally gotten my livestream tech problems sorted, and it’s been forever since I did one.  Surely I am not the only holiday orphan this year, so at 1 PM Eastern Time, I’ll be doing a livestream.  Not for very long; at 3, me and my good pal behind @gamewtfs will then be off doing something for just us.

Feel free to come join me from 1-3! https://picarto.tv/LBdraws

EDIT: For the foreseeable future, the livestream is officially dead.  My tech issues are NOT resolving, despite changing programs and fiddling with the settings.  At this point, the livestream is wrecking my workflow, and the possible source of the problem are numerous and varied, all requiring a lot of time to figure out.
I'm sorry guys.  I don't know what the problem is, how to fix it, and at this point, it's turning into a monster energy sink.  So for now, all I can really do is kill it.  Hopefully one day it will come back, but for now, the livestream is dead.

Thank you

Dec. 23rd, 2016 11:20 pm
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Christmas is a hard time of year for us, but this year, I am so cognizant of the wonderful people we have the privilege of knowing.  Friends, colleagues, associates new and old or who we've reconnected with after a long absence, it is all of YOU who have filled our lives with hope and joy.  It is you who have helped us come so far, and your kindness and generosity are beautiful.

So from all of us to all of you, thank you for being in our lives.  Thank you for giving us such optimism and love for humanity.  May you love and prosper through the new year.


Dec. 22nd, 2016 04:06 pm
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Oh gosh, one of our old singlet friends from high school (we recently reconnected via Facebook) sent us a package all the way up from the South, and she got each of us an individual present, all wrapped in pretty blue paper!

Omg this is so nice.  How do we handle all this niceness.  Omg!


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I did it! I made my first little Twine project! It’s an interactive introduction to our system. Just very basic, but I’m still so proud! I wanted to do something small and simple to teach myself Twine before taking on Alice Nobody.

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Making this because I just want to have all my events in one place, in a list I can update more easily than through healthymultiplicity.com.  And for folks who're interested in keeping up with our work.


January 14-15: Panelist at Arisia, for "Disability and SFF," "Celebrating Women and Nonbinary People in Comics," and "Over the Four-Color Rainbow."


February 21: Tabling at Boston Black Market in Cambridge, MA.

May 1st: Tabling again at Boston Black Market in Cambridge, MA.

May 7: Tabling at CCCAF (Cambridge Community Comic Arts Fair), in Cambridge, MA.

June 4: The First Church Spring Fair will take place in the front lawn of First Church in Jamaica Plain in Boston, MA. 11-4 PM, 6 Eliot St.

June 5: JP Spring Flea in Boston, MA. 1-6 PM, 45 Danforth St.

June 25: Here, Queer, Comics! at the Boston Comics Workspace at 561 Windsor St., Somerville, MA.

August 1 - September 1: "You Think It's ____, But It's Really ___" queer/disabled art show At the Midway Gallery, 15 Channel Centre St., Boston.

August 21: New Zineland, at the Cambridge YMCA Theatre. Time TBA.

September 24-25: Tabling at Boston Black Market in Cambridge, MA.

October 29-30: tabling at MICE (Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo), at at Lesley University 1815 Massachusetts Ave (Porter Sq.), Cambridge, MA.

November 12: Trans Genders, Trans Comics, at the Boston Comics Workspace at 561 Windsor St., Somerville, MA.

December 3: tabling at the Jamaica Plain Holiday Craft Fair at First Church in Jamaica Plain, 6 Eliot Street, Boston, MA 02131.

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Hey guys, do you feel hopeless?  Frustrated?  Need some music for continuing on fabulously and/or fighting back?  Have a bunch of the songs I’ve been listening to a bunch lately.

Dangan Ronpa game soundtrack - all the execution songs
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Original Cast Recording - Wig in a Box
Against Me! - Gender Dysphoria Blues
Bay Area Progressive Musicians Association - assorted labor songs
Chumbawamba - The Day The Nazi Died
Sleep of Oldominion - Say Goodbye
Angel Haze - a Tribe Called RED
A Tribe Called Red - R.E.D.
Kimya Dawson - Walk Like Thunder
William Shatner - Common People
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Burn the Earth!  Leave it Behind!
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Probably obvious by now, but no livestream today, folks.  Health has not been good lately.

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In the wake of Trump’s election, I’ve noticed a lot of folks organizing and trying to take care of each other, which is great.  But, I’ve also seen douchebags use it as cover to help gather followers.  They take advantage of people wanting to do right, and use it for their own ends.  After all, if they’re organizing a protest regarding the Dakota pipeline, they’re trustworthy, right?

Keep in mind, reblogging a post, or wearing a T-shirt?  Anyone can do that.  It doesn’t actually mean that person is reliable when the rubber hits the road.  Sometimes, if you strip out the “I agree with their opinions/politics,” you might find you’re actively horrified by their ACTIONS.  Or you realize that their actions are based entirely around an image, or aren’t actually DOING anything of use, or any number of things.  Looking good and DOING good are completely different things sometimes.

I know a lot of folks are in a moment of emotional transition right now, where they might be afraid or otherwise more vulnerable.  When you’re scared for folks who will help you, there WILL be folks who masquerade as just that for their own purposes.  Just… be careful, okay?


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