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Oct. 26th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks.

You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here.

Have a story you want me to write?  Toss your idea here!
Art commissions are currently open!

We also have some stories for sale. Do any catch your eye?

Stories for sale! )
If you're trying to use the Paypal button on this page and it fails, please let me know immediately so I can fix it again! Until then, you can always use the button on our profile.
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Oh my god tracking this stupid bus is like chasing Carmen San Diego.


EDIT: annnnnd now the CD burner isn't working.  Apparently it can only do three at a time and then it dies.

This whole thing is turning into a way bigger pain in my ass and chaotic clusterfuck than I anticipated.
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Hello everybody!  Over in a group we know, folks were talking about wanting to meet other plurals through Dreamwidth, so we decided to make this post to help people get to know each other.

Please, whether you know us personally or not, feel free to leave a comment saying who you are and what you like to do.  Also, for an ice-breaker question, discuss your favorite adorable lifeform.

I hope I can connect plurals together with other plurals and plural-friendly singlets!  Say hi, folks!

--Sneak and Rogan
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Okay, I got a Free Speech Bus plan. (The Free Speech Bus is this total horseshit bus covered in slogans about how only XX girls and XY boys exist and anyone who says otherwise is against free speech and also SCIENCE because that's totally how science works.)

Tempted as I am to just vandalize the damn thing, I talked to Rogan and I'm actually thinking I might be better off trying something else. Much as I hate giving these dude a platform, I think I hate being played even more, and their whole idea is to try and trigger outrage and then play the victim.  If I can't change their minds, and I can't stop the bus for longer than a short time, I'd rather help the people they go after.


The plan instead. )
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[personal profile] metahacker  linked me this article on the use of Twitter botnets and government-controlled media to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories.  It seems up the alley of maybe some folks here!

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The signing went really well!  I was really nervous, since I'd never done before, but I had a great time, made good money, and Tony (the guy who owns Million Year Picnic) wants me to do another when the weather warms up.  So yeah, on the whole, an awesome experience!

Mac is trying to persuade me to buy a gift to celebrate.  But that's hard.  I did let Mori and Biff buy me a ledger though; I took advantage of my day off (no drawing, inking, editing, or PDFing for me today, hooray!) and filled in the numbers.  I've been meaning to get a ledger for ages (until now, I've itemized my monthly income/outgo using some long list sticky notes [personal profile] silvercat17 gave me a while back) and this is a huge improvement.

...and conveniently, the ledger is the perfect size to clip the sticky notes to.  Thank you, ledger!

In other news, my other new book is now up for sale!  Say hello to Red, Yellow, Green!
Cover behind cut )
What does sexuality look like when you're multiple? With a life and vessel run by consensus, how does privacy and intimacy work? Rogan of LB takes on everything from kink and masturbation to shared dreams in this fun romp.

This book is forty-eight pages, 5.5x8.5, black and white, and is best for mature audiences. It's made up of text, illustrations, and comics.

The ebook listing is here.  The paper listing is here.
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Cultiples #1 is now available!

Cover behind cut )LB has spent years discussing the good, neutral, and challenging sides of multiplicity.  Now they take on the cult leaders within their demographic, starting with Tristan Grey (legally known as Desiree Hamm).  Tristan, LB's penpal of two and a half years, is in jail for kidnapping, sexually assaulting, and branding two teenage girls, who he roped into an online roleplaying cult.  Cultiples #1 dives into his story and tactics.

The paper book is $5. The listing is up HERE.  People coming to my signing on 3/25/2017 will get it first; I can’t ship them out until Monday.

The ebook is pay what you want, as promised.  Please spread to whoever you think would be well-served, especially fellow plurals.  I’m also considering making an Issue #0 just for my posts about tactics, without using any leader in particular, but meh, maybe not.


Mar. 24th, 2017 09:09 pm
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Okay wow I’m apparently in a really nasty mood suddenly.  Time for me to do something fun!

Give me a character and I’ll write a doofy ‘I lik the bred’ poem for them. (Not in Old English.  You will cry.)
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Due to the nature of Tristan’s offenses, early newspaper articles covering his case were deleted from the Internet to protect the privacy of his victims. However, before the sexual abuse allegations came to light, enterprising newshounds at scaredmonkeys.com collated these early stories, which is the only reason I'm able to know what happened during the first month of the girls' disappearance.

As a compromise, I have chosen to insert screencaps, so my words can be fact-checked, but at the same time, I have censored them to protect the girls’ privacy. And since it turns out forum screen-caps are dreadful to read when forced into a zine intended for print (the ebook versions look fine, thankfully), I've chosen to post and transcribe these caps here.

Screencaps and transcriptions behind the cut. )
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Well, it took a ton of calls, making an online account, and finally reaching a human being at our health insurance, but I have good news!

The letter was sent to us in error.  We aren't losing our health insurance after all.  They just sent out some bogus letters by mistake and I got one.  I guess that's the state's way of playing an April Fool's joke on me.

It's all solved!  Whew.

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Hey guys! I'm having a signing TOMORROW, where I'll be debuting my swank new zines, Cultiples #1 and Red, Yellow, Green, from 3-5 PM at the fantastic Million Year Picnic comic book shop!! Fun sexytimes and cults, what more could you want?

Come and visit!
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Welp, just got a letter saying I’m losing my stupid healthcare at the end of the month.  Apparently, in the past four months, I’ve gone for being eligible to Medicaid, to INeligible.  Even though NOTHING about my circumstances have changed, far as I know.

I wouldn’t lose all healthcare, just get kicked back to Medicare alone, which doesn’t cover dental and involves $60 a month in other costs. (Yes, I know this doesn’t sound like a lot, but I live with very little financial margin for error, and am legally forbidden from widening it.)

I have a week to find out what the fuck happened and if there’s anything I can do about it.  I’m not even sure what agency to fucking call--my current health insurance?  Medicaid?  Medicare?  Social Security?

Goddammit, I was just getting used to financial security, and now it’s back to being on the edge afuckingain.


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Okay guys, I finally got a working draft together of Cultiples #1, the Tristan Grey/Desiree Hamm issue.  And I'm considering putting it up for free, since I figure that this is information everyone should be able to access and use.

I'll also be selling print copies; maybe I'll do a 'pay what you want' for the ebook.  I haven't put anything up for free in years, it feels good to think about!

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Night before last, I dreamed about exploring a gorgeous volcanic cliff seascape with a big strapping centaur named Arturo who had some extremely limited shapeshifting abilities.

I appreciate how our subconscious apparently has a much better eye for beautiful landscapes than I do.  And that in dreamland, my vision can be sharp enough to actually APPRECIATE IT.

Bust of a brown-skinned man with a hooked nose and thick, dark feathery hair almost to his shoulders, held from his eyes with a red bandanna.

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Okay, those of you who’ve known me a while know that I really like golem legends, specifically the Golem of Prague. (I actually have a wee tiny clay golem from Prague who sits atop a compass and watches me work at my desk.  I call him Yossele.)

One thing that really bugged me, though, was that a lot of the pop culture images of the Golem of Prague (including my teeny Yossele) show cracks across his chest, held together with rivets, like so.  And I couldn’t figure out where that design quirk came from!

It’s not in any of the legends. (And I’ve read a LOT of renditions of the Golem of Prague legends, I have FOUR books with him in it.) It’s not in the 1915-1920 silent movie series. (There, the Golem looks like this.) It was driving me crazy!

Well, today I found out where the golem’s rivets come from.  It’s from a 1951 movie, totally unheard of in the states, called The Emperor’s Baker. (Well, it’s two short movies shown together, the Emperor’s Baker and the Baker’s Emperor.) It’s a freaking comedy, of all things. It’s mostly about an emperor and a baker switching places, but the golem has a minor role in it, and there, he looks like this.  The cracks, the rivets, the only vaguely humanoid shape, it’s all there!

The Emperor’s Baker was a total nonentity in the states, but it was a BIG hit in its native Czechoslovakia--where, of course, the legend originated.  That movie seems to be pretty much singlehandedly responsible for how every person in Prague envisioned the golem forever after... and of course, they were the ones making most golem memorabilia, including mine.

So yeah, this random movie I’d never heard of (but now want to see) is responsible for the golem’s design forever after!  That’s so cool!

And I’m so glad to finally know where it comes from.  Drove me crazy!


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A while back, I posted the evolution of Mac’s princess tresses.  So yeah, time for me, I guess!
How Rogan changed from twink to bear. )You know, I hadn’t actually LOOKED through my art to see how my self-image changed over the years.  It’s weird to see the gradual changes; I never notice them as they’re happening.  There’s just periodic, “Oh shit, I look bad,” and, “gut, nooooo!” Man, if we didn’t draw regularly, I’d probably never have noticed!


Art Dump

Mar. 14th, 2017 09:52 pm
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While digging through my sketchbooks, I found some of these random Infinity Smashed sketches, testing out my Col-Erase pencils. (At the time, I was sketching entirely in pen; since this point, I do my pencil sketches in green Col-Erase, which I digitally strip out or change to gray for web stuff.)

That’s Biff and M.D., of course, and above them is Number One, M.D.’s self-appointed big sister.  I’d forgotten that I’d ever managed a picture of her I actually LIKED.  I’ll be adding it to cast page probably.  The one in pen is me circa 2014, back when I looked really bad.
pic behind cut )
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I woke up this morning with a sudden idea: I think I might want to make a multi library.

I basically have a shelf completely devoted to it anyway.  And I keep banging on and on about these old books nobody cares about anymore, in part because they never knew they existed.  Might as well use my old library school training for something, right?

If it was a brick and mortar place though (being run out of my apartment, really), I wonder, would anyone even CARE?  Who'd want to lug their butts to New England just for that?  Maybe I could do a mix of brick-and-mortar and ebook library, since I'm going to have to be doing both print and digital works. (A bunch of the old print books never became digital, and a bunch of the academic articles, I will only ever have digital copies of.)

I'm not sure how all this is going to go.  Maybe I'll finish waking up and this'll just end up another dead idea, like the old multi book database that never got going.  But well, there's absolutely no harm in TALKING about it.  And it would be nice to use my old training.

So for now, here's what I want: I want recommendations, and I want concrete books and files to add to this library. (Even if the only person who ever uses it is me, at least it'll give me more things to reference and source, right?) If you've got old multi books you don't want anymore, let me know!  If you've MADE a book or a comic, that's in a complete book or ebook form, let me know!  What do you guys think?

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith , if it's possible, I would love to buy a hard copy of all your Damask stories.

Titles I have and cataloging thoughts behind the cut. )


Mar. 12th, 2017 07:07 pm
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My Etsy goes through spurts of activity.  Sometimes it’ll be dead for a month, sometimes everyone wants something at the same time.

Apparently in the week I took off from Facebook and my main email, I got SIX orders (half of which came from libraries, jesus) and a $50 donation from one of them, with the words, “Hi, wanted to send extra $$ your way for my etsy purchase of MPD For You and Me. $2.50 didn't seem like a fair exchange for that work. Thanks much.”

Oh my gosh I have the nicest fans.

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I have posted select parts of our Telephone Pictionary games here.  Please enjoy watching unicorns escape gym lockers, Satan's cat, and Death gardening.

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Hey everybody, it's that time again: time to vote for which story gets the Patreon money this month!  This month will be a little different; since I'm moving over to Dreamwidth, and I haven't gotten around to buying myself a paid account yet, the poll will be entirely in the comments.  Anon is turned on, for those of you without an account!

As always, anyone can vote, but patrons get double weight for their votes.  If you'd like to be a patron and get bonus content, please consider joining up on Patreon!  If you want to know more about the stories, their blurbs are here.  And finally, if you have a story prompt you'd like me to write to, leave your request here! (I'm actually running really low on prompts; sorry [personal profile] desertroot you've stumped me, seems like!)

Which story/s gets the money?  YOU CHOOSE, readers!

Question #1: Are you a Patreon patron?

Question #2: Which story/s get your vote? (Feel free to vote or as few as you like.  The blurbs are below...)

The Mother of All Plagues (Reverend Alpert)
The Magical Girl House: (Magical Moonbeams)
Raige at ROAR! (PART Three): (Infinity Smashed)
Specialist Grey and the United Dellan Coalition: (Infinity Smashed)
The Bionic Prosthetist

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