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Oct. 26th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks.

You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here.

Have a story you want me to write?  Toss your idea here!
Art commissions are currently open!

We also have some stories for sale. Do any catch your eye?

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If you're trying to use the Paypal button on this page and it fails, please let me know immediately so I can fix it again! Until then, you can always use the button on our profile.
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The First Rule of Blackmail
Series: Battle the Universe
Words: 2000
Summary: Tank lies in a hospital bed, and Lucinda and Kara plot what to do next.
Notes: This story makes reference to ‘the Gynecologist.’ You’d be best off reading at least that story, and probably ‘The Choice’, ‘One Step Ahead,’ and ‘Hamster Man’ as well. This story was prompted by [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke and [personal profile] kaylin881 , and sponsored by the Patreon crew! The scene with Zambi and T, believe it or not, was actually one of the first things we ever wrote involving Tank, so this story has been a long time coming! We hope you enjoy it.

As the All-Seeing Eye rolled off, Kara lay in the hospital bed and thought hard. Lorry was still out cold, half-sprawled on the front, and probably would be until pain and exhaustion passed; Kara certainly wasn’t going to take on the added inconvenience. She was angry enough as it was.

But this was an opportunity to prove that she’d been right all along, that she was the only person who could truly manage the group. Lorry had lacked the intelligence and creativity. TJ was a child, probably sobbing in panic and fear in back right now. The Zombie needed no explanation. And as for Lucinda…


Kara snarled, but that was all she could do. With Lorry down and her own strength exhausted, she was trapped at front, unable to do anything. It was difficult to even mentally see, in her position; Lucinda seemed only an ominous silhouette behind her. Kara didn’t like it.

“The moment we’re out of the hospital, Law and Justice gives us the eject,” Kara sneered. “Ungrateful insects.”

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After that post where I described myself as a large hairy catfish, [personal profile] silvercat17  sent me this picture of myself as a very large and hairy catfish merman.

I am RIDICULOUSLY delighted by this.  They gave me permission to share the image, so here it is, guys, me as a very hairy catfish merman. :D

Awesome pic behind cut )
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There are PASSIONATE fights about multiplicity elsewhere online.  One relatively recent nugget of bullshit that keeps cropping up on tumblr is the idea that unless you have a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (and/or DDNOS-1, depending on the flavor of bullshitter), you CAN NOT use the word 'multiple.' You have to come up with some completely unrelated word, otherwise you are appropriating from a Very Serious Mental Illness.

Of course, this is total nonsense, but it can really fuck with the heads of young, baby multis first venturing into selves-awareness. And by depriving them of the very words to describe their experience, douchebags keep them from attaining that awareness and community.
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Random trivia: I’m blind in headspace.  I can see some, but I’m severely near-sighted, and can’t make out any visual detail unless something is RIGHT in front of me.

For the longest time, nobody in the system realized this, and I presumed everyone else in the system was just like me.  It only came out around 2010 or so, when someone mentioned the design of the metal in stained glass we had in the House at the time, and I was like, “wait, THERE’S METAL IN THE STAINED GLASS?”

In headspace, the impairment is pretty minimal, but it’s also non-negotiable.  As far as I can tell, vision just takes too much of my mental bandwidth; if I wear my glasses and concentrate REAL hard, I can make out a bit more, but it’s pretty much never worth it.  Since there’s a weird... I dunno, headspace sense that allows me to get a sense of mass around me, I navigate fine.  I may not be able to SEE it, but I can still tell it’s there, and that’s all that matters, really.

But it means me and Rhymers have hilarious conversations because they have a bunch of system members who’re the reverse of me.  I’m blind in a sighted vessel; they’re sighted in a blind vessel.

It also means that it kinda bugs me, reading stories about blind characters who’re always like, “I can never see the details of my love’s face in crystal clear Kodak picture!  Woe is me!” I can safely say that that has never once bothered me.  I can see them well enough with my hands.  I know their scents, and the sounds of their voices, and thanks to whatever you’d call that headspace sense, I can feel the joy in their smiles and the grief in their tears.  I feel that more than makes up for my abominable headspace vision.

So you know, in case you ever wondered how I can tell what Mac’s face looks like, it’s because I rub my face all over him and use my beard as antennae.  I’m like a large hairy catfish.

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I have finished the Adam Worth, master thief book and moved on to the Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu.  It’s pretty awesome so far!  It talks about the history of literary culture there, and the fight to save manuscripts from invaders.  I'm not very far in yet, but it's been really exciting and interesting to read.  I will keep y'all posted as I progress!

Other nonfiction books we've read recently:

  • No Bone Unturned, by Jeff Benedict.  Talks about the work of a foremost forensic anthropologist, especially the enormous legal case when the federal government tried to stop study of ancient American remains, blanket claiming them as Native American.  This book was fascinating, and complicated.  The anthropologist himself is one of the coldest fish I've ever seen, and we spent half the book deeply disliking him, then slowly warming up as he tried to use his coldbloodedness for the power of scientific good.  Definitely worth a shot!  Beware though, this book is pretty harrowing at points, since this IS the guy who had to piece together the victims of the Branch Davidians shoot-out in Waco.
  • Sally Heathcote: SUFFRAGETTE, by Bryan and Mary Talbot and Kate Charlesworth.  This one is a comic book about the militant suffragettes of Edwardian England.  Read about feminists blowing shit up, throwing axes at politicians, and getting tortured by the prison system!  For real, though, it's a good book, and feels especially timely seeing how political violence seems to be on the rise.  I got this book because I like Bryan Talbot, and I don't regret this decision.
  • The Death of Innocents, by Richard Firstman and Jamie Talan.  It's about infanticide and SIDS!  Hooray, wholesome reading for the whole family to enjoy!  It focuses especially on the Juanita Hoyt case, and the fascinating mythos of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome that rose up and was based on faulty science.  Honestly, I found that bit more interesting than the legal case itself, especially since I could see how I could've been taken in by similar reasoning.  If you're aching to read about the politics of dead babies, this book is for you!
  • Carnivorous Plants, by Slack.  Awesome research text on the care, identification, and behavior of carnivorous plants.  Also has beautifully drawn diagrams by the author.  My sole complaint is that at times, the images and text were poorly integrated, probably due to print requirements; still totally worth it though!
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As part of my mental health regime and douchebag detox, I am trying to only draw happy-making things.

So here, have this schmoopy little comic of me and my boyfriend (who has the softest hair).  Might color it; folks on Patreon are getting the big-size thing, plus the pencils.  Script and image behind cut.

Biff has the softest hair )
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Lesson learned: too much time spent in the cesspit of cultshit will damage my sanity. (Who would’ve thought that immersing myself in the most awful things people in my community can do would be damaging to my mental health?  I am shocked, SHOCKED.)

When such an occasion does pass, it is time for me to go the fuck to a con, sell a bunch of work, and NOT think about douchebags for a while.

So I’m going to keep doing that and work on a zine that is only about happy life-affirming things, and chill.

(Yes this is why the Draven write-up is taking eight months.  They’re like Tristan Grey if he’d been going for a solid twenty years.)
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Black Market was a success! (Which is amazing, considering how awful the weather was.) And Sneak brought home a new friend!  Ze has named it Squish.  It is a crocheted cuttlefish who is the perfect hugging size, made in rainbow yarn.  It has nine little tentacles, a curly frill on its mantle, and was made by Taylor Popek.

A picture of Sneak with Squish behind the cut )
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Hey guys, we're going to be at the Boston Black Market tomorrow, from 11-6, at the Cambridge Elks Lodge in Central Square!  Come visit us, if you're so inclined!

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Lately, I've been reading a book called The Napoleon of Crime, by Ben MacIntyre.  It's about master thief, Adam Worth, the real life inspiration for Moriarty.

The story itself is intrinsically interesting, of course--a rags-to-riches story via theft, a gallery of colorful criminal characters, morality in Victorian England, what's not to like?  But there are two random things I've really enjoyed about reading this book.  First is hearing about how Worth planned his crimes.  The second is all the things that go wrong.

I'm pretty open about my disdain for Rube Goldberg plots--you know, the kind where everything is ridiculously complicated and depends on really improbable, uncontrollable details, such as the hero discovering a certain hidden piece of evidence, hidden specifically because the plotter somehow knows their quarry but no one else will find it all on their own, at just the right time.  And yet these plots work, because in the controlled environment of fiction, a genius plotter is never foiled by, say, his quarry calling in sick from work.

These Rube Goldberg plots are especially annoying if you have two dueling geniuses--you start getting into "TWAS I WHO POOPED IN YOUR BUTT" territory.

So it's really refreshing to read about someone like Adam Worth, who by all accounts was a very smart, very resourceful man.  But his plans?  Are usually very simple--carefully planned, of course, and lubricated by a lot of money, but simple.

For instance, when Worth's hapless younger brother got caught and sent to prison, Worth hoped to spring him from jail by paying his bail, at which point his brother could skip town.  But if Worth did it himself, the police would know about their connection, causing risk.  So instead, he stole a valuable painting from some other dude, clipped a scrap of canvas from it to give to his brother, and then got his brother a lawyer to contact the painting's owner to say, "I have a client who can help get your painting returned, if you pay his bail, and he's got a bit of the canvas as proof." Brother gets sprung, without Worth ever coming into it.  Simple!

But even simple plans like this don't work out as planned.  In fact, they go wrong all the time!  For instance, with the above example, there was a lucky break, and Worth's younger brother managed to get out of jail all on his own, leaving Worth with a very valuable, completely unsellable painting.  Other times, his henchman squeal on him, or get arrested, or escape jail only to be captured by brigands and have to pawn their gold teeth to make it home!  Even Worth himself gets sent to prison multiple times!  Even Worth has his bad days where he makes very, very poor decisions, because he's human and every human screws themselves over some of the time.

And that just makes it so much more fun to read about!  Reading about how Adam Worth deals with his backstabbing henchman, or flees a failed heist only to try again, or talks his way out of jail, is way more interesting than if everything had gone right!  It says so much more about his intelligence, ruthlessness, and his nerve when you see him deal with failure.

I get the sense this book plays a little fast and loose with the facts, but it is entertaining.  And I'm okay with that.


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Hey guys, this is part two of the Tristan Grey story. Part one focused on that multiple's crimes of kidnapping and raping teenage girls, and how we found this all out after becoming his penpal. This post will be focusing on the tactics they used, why they succeeded or failed, and hopefully, other people can learn from our own vulnerabilities.

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Feb. 9th, 2017 01:11 pm
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Considering making a zine series called Cultiples, with each issue focusing on a different system or a tactic. (Though some of these guys would need multiple issues, due to the size/age of their activities.)

Would anyone be interested in that?
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This is the first part of story of our experiences as the penpal of Tristan Grey, the system that is currently in jail for kidnapping and raping teenage girls. (His legal name is Desiree Hamm, and that is how the newspapers referred to him, but since nobody in the system went by that name and Tristan seems to be the one who did the crimes, I will call him by that name.)

NOTE: I do not know if Tristan's activity qualifies as a 'little tin cult.' Details are sparse on the ground; all I have to go on are fourteen letters, eight newspaper articles, and a few pages of court documents. I am listing it under this tag because it's in the general wheelhouse of plurals (or people claiming to be plural) using religion and online activity to control and hurt vulnerable people. Just this time, it's shamanism, rather than fandom.
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Okay guys, after my post about Split, I wanted to make a list of awesome plural folks with stuff for sale!  So here’s a quick list of for sales and shop pages for plurals and plural-positive media!  Please comment  to let me know about more things to add to the list!
  • Navelgazed’s Patreon: art and fiction
  • Artists of the Desired Constellation: Paintings and such, but @1ff needs to make a shop page to more easily funnel money. :p
  • got parts?, by ATW: a DID self-help book by a DID system.  Awesome nuts and bolts.
  • Cuckoo, by Madison Clell: autobio comics about having DID.  Clell has since integrated, but she is awesome!  And she probably has other work for sale on her site somewhere.
  • Amongst Ourselves, by Alderman and Marshall: another DID self-help book, made by a DID system therapist and their wife, also a therapist. (Woo, queer plurals!)
  • When Rabbit Howls and A Creature of Habit, by the Troops for Truddi Chase.  The Troops have passed on, but their work remains!  All of us who’ve ever criticized the medical model owe a debt to the Troops.  Read and remember! (A Creature of Habit was published after they died.  We haven’t read it, but we want to!  It’s expensive due to being lavishly illustrated by the Troops’ paintings.)
  • I’m Eve and A Mind of My Own, by Chris Costner Sizemore.  Ms. Sizemore has also passed on, sadly, but she is also an inspiration to us all due to her fighting a hard legal battle to regain the rights to her life story.  The Three Faces of Eve was inaccurate; please, read her books in her own words. (Also, handy because her system was quite different than how we think of DID systems now.  Learn your history!  Her papers are also a special collection at Duke)
  • Ysabetwordsmith is singlet, but her Polychrome Heroics poetry series has a pretty awesome multi superhero, Damask!  Ysabetwordsmith was also a huge help to us when we first started working in art.  You can prompt and sponsor poems in her regular Poetry Fishbowls!
  • @spacerobotcrew ‘s Etsy store, which includes great things like multi pride jewelry.
  • Alien Shore, by C. S. Friedman, is by a singlet but apparently quite good in its depiction of a multiple!
  • And of course, we, LB Lee, have a Patreon (for fiction, art, and comics), and ebooks and paper comics.
  • @chocolate-oxygen​ is offering pay-what-you-want writing/fanfic commissions right now, in part to help start paying for DID-focused therapy! I don’t think she has any specifically multiplicity-related works available for purchase, but it’d still be money going to supporting (a) multiple artist(/s) 👌
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Hey guys, y'all know the drill: let me write what you want to read!  Let your voice be heard, cast your vote, and I'll be posting a story this month! (Expanded and/or illustrated, depending.)

I'm hoping to get all this moved over to Dreamwidth alone in the near future, but I'm not quite there yet.  So for now, go vote on LJ here!

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You know what, guys?  I don’t care much about Split.

If you want to see it, see it.  If you don’t, don’t.  Either way, it doesn’t particularly bother me.  And it CERTAINLY won’t bother the creators of the movie.


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Hello everybody!  I'll be making paper Valentines tomorrow!  If you would like me to make one for you, please let me know and I will totally do so! ^_^ I will probably mostly be weaving paper hearts, like this one!


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More 2009 edits and reposts.

The PIN Christmas Party
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: Very short
Summary: Grey gets drunk at the PIN Christmas Party.
Notes: Bob references this occassion in Red Roses, Old Horses; the picture of Jenny and MacIntire here also dates from this party.  In case you're wondering, Agatha is the front desk lady whose job it is to be as unhelpful as possible; Darlene is senior comboy and has been part of the PIN for the entirety of her adult life.  I had totally forgotten that I wrote this.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't find Grey.  The bastard seemed to have wandered off.

The thing was, I couldn't figure out where in the hell he could've gone.  He'd hit the can an hour ago, and socializing... Grey didn't socialize.  It'd taken my best persuasion to even GET him here.  He'd probably planned to spend Christmas shooting things.

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More 2009 edits and reposts.  Wow, I didn't realize I ever posted anything with the never-to-be-finished alien cuddle romance.  Here you go, guys, enjoy this random snippet from a larger project that never got finished or posted!  Complete with an illustration even!

To Lose Oneself
Series: Cuddlelove aliens
Word Count: very short
Summary: Baku loses itself to its past, and suffers the effects.
Notes: For context: Baku is one of the only survivors of a hive-mind, desperately trying to adjust to life as an individual.  It's the blue being.  Ruuj is the big fuzzy brown guy, and he's an "outbreed," born to two different species and suffering from the health problems therein.  He's always been the only one of his kind; Baku's still getting used to it.

Baku, a scrawny amphibious blue entity with a tentacled fringe around its head, cuddles a long fuzzy ear of Ruuj, a big brown guy with three arms who isn't used to such treatment.

Baku headed the charge.  It was naturally a front-runner; its long legs effortlessly outpaced the Detekens, and Ruuj was too slow to do anything but bring up the rear.  For a moment, it allowed itself the pure pleasure of sprinting, feeling its circulation rush, its heart pound, lose all confusing concepts of identity in the raw exertion of running.

Because of its distraction, it was the one to take the powder bomb to the face.  It didn't hurt, only burst on impact like a spore, but Baku's vision was immediately obscured white, and it dropped, shaking its head, trying to clear the obstruction from its membranes.

And then it smelled... oh!  Oh, it smelled Home... like SoLarre...

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Another one of the 2009 edits and reposts.

Cracker on Fire
Universe: Battle the Universe
Word Count: very short
Summary: Jake's stupidity nearly kills him.
Notes: No context required for this one.  Just Jake (aka Cracker Jack) has minor super strength--on par with Zambi's toughness, but he's a touch stronger.  She's better trained, though, and he still would get easily wiped by, say, Martial Law.  Jake isn't that powerful, he just THINKS he is.

Reggie never forgot the time Jake nearly died and REALIZED it.

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