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Oct. 26th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  You might know us from Etsy, Patreon, or tumblr, for being That Multi Who Makes Comics on the Internet, but this is primarily a personal blog and writing site.  Here you will find lots of stories about a post-apocalyptic traveling exorcist, fantasy adventures going wrong, and geezer vampires--I specialize in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror about LGBT and mentally odd folks.

You can find all our posted stories here.  If you want to know more about us or multi, check out our 101 page here. (Or, if that's too much, here's the very short version.)

Have a story you want me to write?  Toss your idea here!
Art commissions are currently open!

We also have some stories for sale. Do any catch your eye?

Stories for sale! )
the Paypal button on this page breaks constantly. If you're trying to use it and it fails, please let me know immediately so I can fix it again! Until I fix it, you can always use the button on our profile.
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I was watching Isa Gueye's excellent 'Civil War Sickness' and it got me thinking.

Eating disorder stuff )

Gueye talks about eating disorders being coping mechanisms for other stuff, which was DEFINITELY true for me. For me, EDs and depression are symptoms, not the disease. (And I don’t think it’s a coincidence AT ALL that once the ED was under control, the extent of our mental damage really started becoming clear. No wonder I was so hardcore about not wanting to give up starving! Ugh!)

I’m doing a lot better these days, but I still have moments where I realize how fragile my peace of mind still is. For instance, when we returned to Boston, we reclaimed a dress of Gigi’s that we’d given to [personal profile] nevacaruso ‚Äč. The pretty blue sailor dress, which fit us when I was sick, no longer fit us now. It couldn’t even be zipped up all the way.

And despite everything, we STILL took the dress home. In part because Gigi is very stubborn, but part of it was definitely my thought that maybe, somehow, somewhen, we could wear the dress again. (No. We could not. There was no way in hell that dress would ever fit us ever again, even if I WERE sick, on account of the permanent bodily changes testosterone has wrought.)

Fortunately, Mac caught me at it, and we donated the dress the next day. But it was still telling, realizing how difficult it was to DO that. I might have it mostly together now... but it's probably always going to have a shadow in my life.

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A local ice cream parlor, in honor of the new BFG movie, had a special monthly flavor: Frobscottle! Since the BFG is like my second-favorite Roald Dahl book, I had to investigate this special flavor with [personal profile] nevacaruso  to see whether it was indeed worthy of its name!

It was white ice cream, with just the TIIIINIEST hint of green. It was delicious and mild with just a hint of raspberry and a bunch of Pop Rocks.

Verdict: scrumdiddlyumptious! :D I can’t believe I get to eat an ice cream flavor from one of my favorite books! :D

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Oh man, guys.  Last night I had the most heavenly sleep.  No waking up.  Only one pain period.  It was the sleep of angels.  Little fluttering putti anointed me with lavender and chamomile, Ode to Joy played in the heavenly choir, and it was AMAZING.

Also, no livestream today, on account of I'll be tabling at the Black Market instead.  It's at 55 Bishop Allen Dr, Cambridge, by Central Square, and  I'll have fresh new copies of Alter Boy, so come check me out! :D
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The tenant that we replaced at our current home left a LOT of junk behind. (Especially unguents, goos, and powders.  SOOOO MANY unguents, goos, and powders.) I am most thankful for one of her more humble leavings: a hot water bottle.

My shoulder is still hurting, but at least by swapping off the hot water bottle and an ice pack, the pain gets minimized.  Seems to work better than anything else anyway.

Thanks, predecessor!  I’m sure I’ll be using this in winter as well.


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Hey guys, did you know there's a Queer Cartoonists Database?  And that it accepts submissions?

I've already added a bunch of my cartoonist buddies; add yours, and also explore to find more comics that you want to read!  This thing might look old-fashioned, but it's got images, demographic information, and lots of links.  A true labor of love.
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I know I've got a fair number of folks following us here on Facebook dealing with mental health issues, so I thought I might make myself useful and list some of the self-help books that I've found actually helpful. (Rather than fluff designed to massage my ego or sell more stuff.) Maybe some of it will be helpful to you!

(NOTE: as always, take all these books with grains of salt.  What worked for me may not work for you, blah blah, and even I pick and choose from these books.)

  • Edmund Bourne's The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook. Anxiety isn't really one of my bugaboos, but back when I WAS in a really anxious situation, this book did have some handy exercises for defusing the anxiety and panic attacks.
  • ATW's 'got parts?' The most helpful self-help book for DID I've ever found.  Good for structuring the solid foundation needed for getting your shit together, should you be multiple--crafting headspace, taking note of who's there, working on communication... it's the 101 book I wish I'd found a few years earlier than I did.
  • Marshall and Alderman's 'Amongst Ourselves.' Not as good as 'got parts?' but another self-help book for DID.  It has a handy chapter on disclosure and others on dealing with health personnel, at least.
  • Susan Blauner's 'How I Stayed Alive When My Brain was Trying to Kill Me.' Exactly what it says on the tin.  I admit, I haven't read this book since the Homeless Year, but hey, it kept me from killing myself!
  • Kate Bornstein's 'Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws.' Also helped me from killing myself.  I STILL refer to it on bad days, and got my copy signed by Ms. Bornstein herself. :B Lots of things to do instead of killing yourself.
  • Glenn Schiraldi's 'The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook.' Takes a scattergun approach to pretty much anything that PTSD might trouble you with, from anxiety and flashbacks to ways to calm down and deal with triggers.
  • Staci Haines's 'Healing Sex.' Specifically for dealing with the aftermath of sexual violence.  This is hands down the best book I've found for the nuts and bolts of dealing with triggers and freak-outs regarding sex. (Most of the sexual violence books I've found focus way more on emotional stuff, rather than the physical, which had limited use for me.) Specifically intended for cis women, queer or straight, but you can monkeywrench it.
  • Mike Lew's 'Victims No Longer: The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse.' This is one of the emotion books I mentioned above, and specifically for men.  Good balance with the physical stuff in 'Healing Sex.'
  • McKay, Wood, and Brantley's 'The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook.' DBT is handy for some things... I used it primarily for when I was in terrible environments that I could do nothing about at that time.  It's originally intended for folks with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is kinda the OPPOSITE of the issues I deal with, but hey, maybe that's what you need! (Apparently it's also becoming a sort of fad therapy?  So be careful.  If it doesn't apply to you, move on.)



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Being transgendered often means folks fixate on your body--what it looks like, what it WILL look like, what you're 'allowed' to do with it. But what if you aren't the only tenant of your body? Rogan takes on what it means to be male and to be a person in Alter Boy.

Alter Boy pulls together work from 2010-2016, and is pretty much all my trans comics and zines together in one place. (Plus twenty pages of new content.) It contains The Transphobe Blues, FTMPD, Gender Evolution, and the all-new GIDID. Check it out!

The print copy is $5 on Etsy.
The e-book is $3 on Gumroad.

The cover of Alter Boy, by Rogan of LB Lee.  Has a little blobby silhouette with thought bubbles.  One contains a transgender symbol, another a question mark, and a third has a large heart containing multiple smaller hearts.


Sep. 18th, 2016 10:52 pm
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Rogan: Just finished watching the first season of Cleverman with our roommate.  Man, that show is INTENSE, and relentlessly paced, but great!  Uber-glad we watched it, dying for another season because it ended on a cliffhanger.

Mori: Also, Biff actually paid attention while it was on.  Usually he can’t give less of a shit about any kind of fiction.  It’s all science and history shows with him. (And cooking.  Dude fucking loves cooking shows.) I’m starting to think it’s not the fiction that bugs him, it’s how white and unrelatable it is to him.  Stuff to check out!

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Biff from the shoulders up, looking at a cell phone in his hand and saying, 'Fuzz, you spend too much time on the fuckin' Internet.'

Out of context pic from Alter Boy, which I should have available this Tuesday!  Just Biff, disapproving of Rogan’s internet choices.

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In honor of this post, here's some basic world-building questions about Treehouse, from Infinity Smashed!

From water to sewage and eating people! )
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Biff did Mori’s hair up in Bantu knots and then Sneak immediately wanted it too.  So enjoy this pic of the results.

A picture of Mori and Sneak with their hair up in Bantu knots, a hairstyle in which hair is twisted and coiled, making spiky little pyramids at regular intervals over their scalp.  Due to Mori's hairstyle, she has only four; Sneak's head is a total pincushion.  They both look pleased with their new style.
Not shown: Biff with a mouthful of pins and ponytail holders with the kids sitting at his feet, desperately trying to get their hair to cooperate because he's massively out of practice.


Sep. 13th, 2016 01:21 am
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We made a Facebook.

…I have NO IDEA how this site works. o_o

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Today we went to a botanical garden to see a carnivorous plants exhibit!  It was so cool!  We got to watch the Venus Fly Traps being fed, and enormous pink pitcher plants, and bladderworts!  It was amazing how big and colorful the pitchers could get; some of them were a foot long!

Mother Nature has such a better imagination than us.  I love seeing all the different colors and shapes.  Mori was all about the carnivorous stuff, Rogan about the world-building inspiration, and Biff was just quietly practicing and trying to replicate the colors and textures.

A great way to relax on a Sunday! :D

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No livestream this Sunday, guys; my hand is a bit twinge-y, so I'm resting it.

As a booby prize, please enjoy this art of Vandorsky, from Infinity Smashed!

A picture of Karlotta Vandorsky, circa book one of Infinity Smashed.  She is a pudgy teenager with spiked black hair, extremely baggy clothes, and a sedated expression.  Puberty has been unkind to her.

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Dyscalculia: The Social Math of Multiplicity, by theroyalus.  They're working on a follow up.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/SpacerobotStudio <-- hats, scarves, communication and stim jewelry by the Space Robots Crew!

http://multiplayerbrain.tumblr.com/ <-- a webcomic

http://healthymultiplicity.com/Zyfron/Gemini/ <-- a webcomic by our friend Zyfron, though the comic has been on hiatus forever and probably will remain so forever.

http://madisonclell.com/cuckood-i-d/ <-- paper comics by Madison Clell, who self-published 'Cuckoo' back in the 90s.


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It's that time again!  Make me write what YOU want to read! (And this time, I'm illustrating it too!)
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Lately, I've found myself tempted to make work that's very happy and fluffy, where nothing bad happens to anyone.  Pure comfort reading.  And I've really been struggling with that.

The price of doing business... )
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Lately we've been watching 'Murder, She Wrote' with our roommate and her girlfriend.  And I've realized: the main character is basically the kind of person I'd like to be.

Jessica Fletcher has all the money she needs, but lives in her humble home because she likes it.  She has lots of people she cares about and who care about her, and she helps makes their lives better.  She's active socially and physically, taking her little morning jogs, interacting with people, and while she's experienced loss and grief because she's a widow, she's a generally happy person.

She's also a NICE person; even when people are nasty to her, she's never nasty back.  At the same time, though, she's a whiz at standing her ground.  People dismiss her, insult her, and even threaten her, but while she's always polite and never cruel, she's really hard to push around.

I want to be Jessica Fletcher when I grow up.


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Use Industrial and Military
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 1826
Summary: Bobcat hatches a plan to get him, Raige, and M.D. out of the bear-infested forest they find themselves in, and in doing so breaks inter-dimensional intellectual property law.
Notes: This story was funded by the Patreon crew: thanks, guys! This is an early story, taking place immediately after The Ball Drops and Brain Hacks. The title change is due to me re-writing this story; the plot is the same, just a different title. More notes at the bottom.

Bobcat didn't dream—not the way humans or minus-cats did. The implant that supplied his higher functions interfered with his natural REM cycle, providing instead a sort of mental screen saver that recycled and rehashed recent events as it processed them for better long-term storage. Since Bobcat had to sleep anyway, it was a good time for routine self-maintenance.

Read more... )


Aug. 31st, 2016 02:58 pm
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Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.  Sneak’s include horror game Let’s Plays and crafts.  Mac and Biff have cooking.  Miranda has slash fanfiction and meditation.  I’ve got cults.

Mori’s is apparently the seamy underbelly of the US business and financial sector.

And now she’s trying to explain securities and stock buybacks to me.  Good luck with that, kid.


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